How heavy is the book?

Surprisingly heavy. The thing is pretty much a brick made out of paper.

When does it actually start existing? 

The book will be out on October 29th.

What kind of stories are in it? 

Of the new stories, there are two new stories about my dogs, a story about a letter I wrote to my future self when I was ten, a story about the use of fear and shame as motivational tools, a story about the time my mother tried to take my sister and I on an adventure and ended up getting us all lost in the woods, a story about all the illogical internal rules I have for how reality should be and what happens when reality doesn't give a shit about my rules, a story about a toy parrot, a story about a lie I told as a child that spiraled completely out of control, a story about my identity and how I use it to prevent myself from realizing how shitty I actually am, and a cautionary tale about what happens when you try to fix everything about yourself all at once.

Why aren't all of the stories new?

The blog posts I chose to include in the book are there for a few reasons.

The main reason is that they provide important context for the other stories. People who are unfamiliar with my blog wouldn't be able to fully enjoy new stories about my dogs without first reading the two original dog stories, for example.

Another reason is that I love those stories, and I wanted them to exist on real pages.

The last reason is that the style of my drawings has really evolved a lot over the years, and I've always wanted to go back and make some slight updates to the art in my favorite posts to really allow them to live up to their potential (an ability I didn't quite have when I first illustrated them). By putting these posts in my book, I gave myself the opportunity to do that. The changes are small, and many of you wouldn't even notice them without purposefully looking for them, but to me, they make a world of difference. The process of updating them felt like doing something nice for something I care about.

Exactly how high and mighty do you feel now that you are an author? 

Only slightly high and mighty. I'm mostly just relieved to have a less confusing answer when people ask me what my job is.

Updates to come as more questions are asked more frequently.