About the Book

A few years ago, if you asked me, "How many pages of something do you think you can write?" I probably would not have guessed "almost 400." But that's how many pages my book has (which is roughly 100 more pages than originally planned). To put that in more relatable terms, if the pages in my book were legs, there would be enough legs for about fifty spiders. 

The stories in the book are written in the same style as my blog posts, with just as many words and pictures in them, and, in total, there are ten and a half new stories (I say "ten and a half" because technically I already posted the goose story, but it didn't have pictures before) and seven and a half reader favorites.   

Also, the book is probably way heavier than you would expect. I was honestly really surprised by how heavy it is. I thought I knew how heavy a book is supposed to be, but I guess I was wrong.